Surgical Genital Aesthetics

What is Surgical Genital Aesthetics?

It is the procedure performed to relieve the aesthetic anxiety of women due to congenital or acquired asymmetry, discoloration, sagging and deformity in the female genital area.

Age-related changes, weight gain-weight loss, giving birth, surgical interventions, chemical exposure to substances used for cleaning the area can cause deformities in the genital area. In some cases, the deformity in the genital area of the woman may reduce the self-confidence of the woman and cause situations such as not feeling comfortable while wearing swimsuits, bikinis or tights, avoiding sexual intercourse, not being comfortable and not enjoying the relationship. In order to eliminate these complaints, genital aesthetic procedures can be performed.

What procedures does genital aesthetics include?

The most common application is for the reduction of the inner lips. Apart from this, filling the outer lips, vaginal tightening, correction of birth incision marks, correction of tissue above the clitoris, genital area whitening, PRP applications, 0-Shot, G-Shot aesthetic applications.






It covers the operations performed on the lips called labium. The most common application is for labiaplasty. Reduction of sagging, asymmetrical, large inner lips can be done. A fuller appearance is provided by filling the outer lips.

It is the process of correcting the tissue covering the clitorris. Adding it to labiaplasties can both provide a more beautiful appearance and increase the stimulation of the clitoris.

It is an aesthetic intervention to the vagina. Vaginal tissue may expand due to births, time and weight gain. Couples may not enjoy intercourse due to the wide vagina, or gas may come out of the vagina due to the width of the vagina. In these cases, vaginoplasty can be planned.

It includes correction of incisions formed at birth and repair of vaginal entrance.

It is the repair of the hymen.

Genital area whitening

It is the process of lightening the darkness that occurs over time with laser, prp, or appropriate drugs.


It is also known as the orgasm vaccine. It is the process of Prp injection to the clitoris and erogenous areas. After applying local anesthetic to the area to be applied, approximately 15-20 cc of blood taken from the person who will have the o-shot is subjected to a special process, and the platelet-rich part is separated and injected into the appropriate areas. It takes about 10 minutes. It increases the sexual arousal of women.


The G spot is one of the most erogenous places in women. By injecting fat or hyaluronic acid into this tissue, this point is enlarged and it is aimed to increase the pleasure from intercourse.

How long is the hospital stay after plastic surgery?

Generally, we discharge the patients who underwent labiaplasty and vaginoplasty on the same day. However, if the patient has an additional disease or a tendency to bleed, we can plan to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

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